Sunday, August 7, 2011

RNSpeak! A Connected Community

As the world of online technology evolves - so too must the people that use this technology. Technology scares many nurses because they believe it is taking the place of the human touch and that special connection they have with their patients.  While I will submit to that feeling overall, I have found the use of technology beneficial in helping me manage the mired of information I must process on a daily basis.  Further, I think technology helps with time management and evidenced-based practice.  Prior to all these search engines, evidenced from research was hidden in journals and publications.  If you did not subscribe, you simply did not know about the new developments that could offer improvements for patient outcomes.

The world is changing - we must adapt. If you recall the Borg from Star Trek - The Next Generation - they use to say "Resistance is Futile."  I think this statement really says it all.  So - embracing the world of technology, I am linking all of my online accounts together.  It is my hope this will help move RNSpeak! into a connected world where more than myself and a few patrons will read this blog.  Of course - I will need to do a much better job keeping this blog moving with interesting posts!

The posts here will be sent through Twitter to those following me.  If you want to follow me on Twitter - my username is rnpatl.

Time to start blogging.  Thanks to all of my fans that read this blog.  You really are the best!  All 2 of you.  :)

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