Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Path to Here! Where was the Advice?

As I continue my educational journey to the DNP level, I reflect on how much time it has taken me to arrive at this point in my life. I am certainly proud of my accomplishments, but can’t help but think … “was there an easy or perhaps more time efficient way to earn all these credentials?” My answer (to myself anyway) is a resounding yes!

When I was younger and knew I wanted to teach, I went from college advisor to college advisor trying to get an established pathway for what courses I would need, what degree path I should take, etc., etc. Very few people were helpful and I felt as though I was self advising. Funny thing … I had no clue what to do – so self advising was like answering myself when I had a question but did not have the answer.

We talk so often about the shortage of faculty in nursing and we discuss funding options from the government, employers and scholarships. Yet, maybe it is time that look at something pretty simple – advisors that have half a clue about what nursing education is and how a young person might define a career path to one day become a nurse educator. Maybe, just maybe something as simple as giving information might provide us with a few more bright young people that want to become nurse educators.

This goal will start with me! I know that I can mentor a young person and provide them with an academic pathway that will ultimately lead to qualifications as a nurse educator. So – what about you all out there in nurse educator land … can you see where you can make a difference in the educational journey of a would-be nurse educator? It is time.

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