Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year Resolution???? Really?

Every year friends and family members ask me, "what are you going to resolve to do in the new year?" Every year (for me anyway) it is always the same two or three things that are my personal challenges. And every year they appear on my new year resolution list because I have either not stopped the activity or sometime during the new year failed to achieve the goal. Now, this is not true of every goal I have established, but for my New Year Resolutions - it is!

For 2010, I resolve to have no resolutions. I resolve to continue being the person I am and doing more for my growth and development. I resolve to work through the year as I always do and give over 100%. I resolve this year to help those in need more and to be more community oriented. I resolve to do a better job with staying connected with friends and family. Wow - for not having any resolutions - I sure listed a few. Oh yes, I almost forgot - for 2010 I resolve to become a millionaire. Why not - could happen! And, if it doesn't happen, guess what - I can put it on my next New Year resolution list.

I will admit that there is something exciting about a new year. Perhaps it feels like the slate from last year is clean, a new starting point for something that has meaning to you. So, I can see why millions of people do their best to set out some great goals for themselves. But I might suggest eliminating the pressure of New Year Resolutions, and just decide that perhaps a life change may be a larger challenge than expected. Instead of heaping the goals - start out small and slow and set a measurable goal that you can achieve. Smaller steps help to make larger steps in the new year.

I resolve to take smaller steps in my quest to achieve my goals! There ya go - together we just worked through a reasonable New Year Resolution. Have a great day!


  1. I have recently posted about New Year's resolutions as well.

    And I hope you become a Millionaire this year.

    If you want any assistance, that is the reason and origin of my blog, to help nurses with their finances.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I loved your resolutions! They are all attainable. I resolve to love my family more and more each and every year! Love, Mom