Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nurses - it is your time to speak! Share Your Story, Frustration or ray of hope!

Nurses - this blog is for you. For you! You can write and share things that are on your mind, ask questions, present empirical inquiry or simply tell a story. Had a particularly bad day at work - write and talk about it. Trust me - it can be very therapeutic! I know first hand and it really works for me.

This blog is not about judgement, rather - it is a safe place for nurses to come, kick off their tired nurse shoes and sit back and enjoy some good conversation with old friends, new friends and future friends. This indeed is your site to use as you wish.

Some basic rules - remember HIPPA and please do not post real names. We certainly want to protect the innocent.

Have at it - I am waiting for some really good activity on this blog.

Oh - and please don't forget to share this blog with your friends. Before you know it - we will have a nurse blogging community that is awesome!

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