Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok - I have admitted that I am new to the whole blogging experience, but to not be able to sign into your own blog - well, that is really pathetic! Yes, I guess that descibes me! Anyway - I have been unable to sign in becuase blog spot changed the way you enter your blog. I guess I did not remember my google sign in and apparently it was different than my blog. But, alas, I am here and I did find my way. Now, if I could only remember my yahoo sign in for myblogspot account, I would be all set.

Does it strike you as funny that in our lives today - we actually have to have a file for passwords and user IDs. I can remember way back when ... when there was no such thing as a user ID, or if we had a user ID, it was for our lunch account at the hospital.

Oh well - with advances come challenges. I guess someone needs to invent a password reminder - probably already done and a great thing to hack. That's a funny thought - the hackers can remember your user ID and passwords better than you!

I think that is why I am a nurse.

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  1. Welcome back, and thanks for the well wishes! Hope you have a great semester!