Monday, December 17, 2007

Special Thank you!

Over the course of the last several months, I have diligently tried to get my blog up and running. I have visited some wonderful, wonderful blogs and I want to take the opportunity to extend some thanks out there to a few of my new blogger friends and those that I hope to become blogger friends with as well. To DisappearingJohn a word of thanks! Your blog has been great to read and your help to get me started has been invaluable. Keep writing and doing what you do - it is exciting to read the next saga for sure! Thanks also to Kim at emergiblog - while you don't know me from adam - I have totally enjoyed reading your blog and your links have helped me to learn more about how to manage this blog business. To Crystal at Nurse Pickle you are one of my first real visitors and that is exciting (Yes John - you were really the first, but Crystal came to the site without any provocation - at least I think).

And finally - a special thank you to all those bloggers listed in my favs! While I may not have linked you here - you are linked on my blog and I read you faithfully. At times, I may lurk not comment on what you have written, but I love the readings! Thanks to you all and I hope my blog will one day be as successful as yours!

PS - For Lisa at cargosarge your site has great meaning and I hope you continue to develop your blog. Many women have come home from Iraq with stories of their own and need a place to read, and post so they too can begin the slow and arduous process of healing. Your long range idea to provide a blog for these ladies is forward thinking and compassionate!


  1. Patrick, your site is amazing as well. Nurses rock! Nurses take such good care of us! They are unsung heroes. They need a place to vent and share ideas. Nurses are caring, compassionate and full of everything that is right with the world.

  2. Of course I came without any provocation!! I came to see what your site was all about! As I make changes to my site over the next couple of weeks, I'll be linking you as well. I look forward to any advice you can give me as a new nurse entering the field! It's still hard to believe I'm actually a nurse!!

  3. That reminds me: I *must* soon update my blogroll.