Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blog Under Construction!

Welcome to RNSpeak! This blog will be dedicated the issues that impact nurses in all health care environments. It is my hope that you find something of value and interest here. I will try to provide solid and strong links for nursing education, links on issues of nursing reform, associations and groups that promote advocacy!

I also will place a section of my favorite nursing blogs. Take the time to visit with some of my new friends.

A key characteristic of a great blog is discussion! So, with that thought in mind - please post, post and post. I hope that nurses from around the country have the opportunity to view this blog, subscribe to it and keep the action alive.

Bookmark and subscribe to this blog right now, because this blog is going to be one of the most popular blogs in nursing!

Thank you for stopping by. Please post a comment to this post indicating that you have been here. It does not have to be anything fancy - just something that says "hey - I was here."


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